MABA Summer Symposium 2018

Jul 17, 2018 07:30am -
Jul 18, 2018 04:30pm
8201 Eastern Blvd. Baltimore, MD.

Event Description

DAY 1 | JULY 17, 2018

The Mid-Point Assessment | Lisa Ochsenhirt
The JLARC Report: A review of the science assessment | Turner Perrow
Biosolids: The Future is Now | Dr. Patrick Dube
Residual Organic Matter Management in Chesapeake | TBD
Eastern Shore Soils with P | TBD
Central Pa Challenge | TBD

Social Event**

DAY 2 |  JULY 18, 2018

Using thermal hydrolysis to minimize downstream drying and incineration requirements for sewage sludge​ | William Barber
Rehabilitating a Post-Development Turfgrass-Soil System with Various Biosolids-Based Amendments | Mike J. Badzmierowski*, Gregory K. Evanylo
Maximizing HSOW | Tom Darby
Assessment of Exceptional Quality Biosolids Products for Urban Gardens | Odiney Alvarez and Greg Evanylo
Creative Use of Biosolids for Soil Improvement and Soil Product Blends | Ryan Cerrato
When Does It Make Sense to Put All Your Eggs in One Basket and When Does It Not: A Case Study of Biosolids Process Centralization | Sebastian Smoot
Small Facilities Can Co Digest Too! Easton PA Looks to the Future | Micah Blate
ThermAnAer – the Ultimate Solution for Your Biosolids Treatment | Robert Wooldridge
A Novel Low Temperature Thermal-alkaline Hydrolysis Process as an alternative and/or replacement for anaerobic digestion | Ajay Singh
Startup and Operations for THP/Digestion/Energy Systems | Perry Schafer/Bill Barber

Increasing the Value of Digestate via AD Pasteurization | Cameron Creech
Sludge dewaterability improvement coupled with phosphate removal by AirPrex® - experiences learned from practice and mathematical modeling | Zhongtian Li
Case study of PONDUS TCHP installation in Kenosha Waste Water Treatment Plant | Zhongtian Li
Sidestream Nutrient Recovery Recovers Fertilizer and Mitigates Nuisance Struvite Formation in Your Biosolids Handling System | Rachel Lee An Integrated Struvite and Nitrogen Control Strategy Benefits NYC’s Biosolids Program
Eric Auerbach / Mauro Orpianesi

Event Type:Conference
Category:Technical Workshop
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