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Welcome to the Website for Biosolids Professionals


Mission:  To cooperatively foster public understanding and environmentally sound management of biosolids


The Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association (MABA) is a solution-oriented organization, providing technically sound information, leadership, and coordination in the field of biosolids management. The MABA advances environmental stewardship through the practical utilization of a valuable resource and furthers the inclusion of biosolids use in the recycling ethic.

Biosolids in the News. MABA members receive weekly emails that cull from the national press items about biosolids.  We also seek news of regional interest and will bring that to your attention. If you are not receiving this, please contact us.

Science of Biosolids.  MABA members received monthly summaries of science topics relevant to biosolids.  As a MABA member you have access to a science library .  You may request copies of any article in this database by contacting MABA.

Biosolids Facility Database. MABA has developed a geographically-linked database of regional biosolids generators (see link above). This provides facility flow, biosolids production estimates, biosolids use, contact names and a satellite image of the facility. This database is still in the "BETA" version so please provide feedback and corrections.

Directory of Organization and Individuals.  With your successful log-in as an employee of a MABA organization you may use the directory created by MABA to find agencies, customers, and colleagues throughout the seven states.  Go to the tabs on the left side of this page, and use the search criteria that meet your needs.  You will find the great majority of public agencies, engineering consultants, service companies, and manufacturers in this database. If you note anyone missing, please be in touch with MABA so we can update this.