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A Closer Look Webinar Series - January 26, 2022

Jan 26, 2022 02:00pm -
Jan 26, 2022 03:00pm
Zoom Webinar

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Join SIVB for our next webinar in the new series entitled: A Closer Look: Learning from the Past - Considering the Future." On January 26, at 2:00 pm Eastern (1:00 pm Central, Noon Mountain, 11:00 am Pacific), Prof. Arun K. Bhunia, Professor of Food Microbiology in the Department of Food Science at Purdue University, will be speaking on "receptor-targeted next-generation bioengineered probiotics to improve gut health and prevent infectious disease."

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The gastrointestinal mucosa represents the first site for the dynamic interaction of the enteric pathogens with the host. Therefore, averting this critical pathogen interaction step, especially binding to host cell receptors, should help prevent infection. Two major host cell receptors, E-cadherin and Hsp60 used by Listeria monocytogenes Internalin A (InlA) and Listeria adhesion protein (LAP), respectively, were used as targets to generate our next-generation bioengineered Lactobacillus probiotics. Though the InlA-expressing probiotic was effective in vitro, LAP-expressing probiotic significantly dampened NF-?B signaling and myosin light-chain kinase (MLCK) activity and protected intestinal epithelial barrier integrity, reduced inflammatory response, and modulated immune response in mice. This probiotic also prevented fetoplacental transmission of Listeria in pregnant guinea pigs. The rational design of bioengineered probiotics targeting host cell receptors could be useful for not only improving gut health due to intimate contact of probiotics with enterocytes but also preventing infectious diseases.

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