Committees and Task Forces

GBA’s Board of Directors, committees, and task forces are the engines that drive our Association.  In short, these are the groups that create reference material, develop training programs, and provide presentations for our conferences. 

Membership in most of these groups is unlimited and all need support from member-firm representatives.  Individuals employed by any GBA Member Firm or Professional Colleague, as well as individual Affiliated Practitioners, are eligible to serve on or lead any of these “open-membership” committees and task forces.

GBA encourages your involvement!  Start your involvement NOW by filling out the Join a Committee Form.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following:

Practice Focused Committees

Business Resource Committees

GBA covers the expenses of some committee members who attend their group’s meeting at GBA’s annual Winter Leadership Conference. 

Membership in some Committees is limited.

GBA COMMITTEES (Limited Membership)


  • Council of Fellows
    Members elected by GBA’s Council of Fellows.
  • Legal Affairs Committee
    Limited to GBA-Member Firms in-house counsel and retained counsel who are individual Associate Members.  Contact chair directly if you are interested in joining.
  • Peer Review Committee
    Limited to GBA volunteers with extensive knowledge and experience of the Peer Review program. Contact the chair directly if you're interested in joining.

GBA Board Level & Board Appointed Committees

GBA TASK FORCES (Open Membership)

Task Forces are formed when action is required on a specific need. We currently have no active Task Forces but we are open to suggestions from Members.


Start your involvement NOW by filling out the Application to join a Committee