Massachusetts Forest Alliance 

Our Mission

The Massachusetts Forest Alliance advocates on behalf of our members for a strong, sustainable forest economy, responsible forest management practices, private land equity and the continuation of working forests on public and private lands.


Our vision is a Massachusetts where:

  • a strong forest economy is widely regarded as a vital component of social, economic, and environmental well-being
  • forest management is recognized as a responsible and desirable approach to resource conservation
  • native forest products are an integral part of the  ‘Buy Local’ movement
  • the legal and regulatory environment sustains forest land ownership and encourages the forest products economy to thrive
  • landowners and the forest products industry participate in all phases of decisions about the state’s public and private forest resources

To fulfill its mission, MFA will:

  • work with state, regional, and local officials to ensure a sensible legal and regulatory environment
  • provide continuing education opportunities for landowners, foresters, timber harvesters, and public officials
  • promote understanding of forest management and forest policy issues by providing high-quality information in a variety of formats

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249 Lakeside Avenue Marlborough, MA 01752