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Welcome to the NEHA Bookstore!


NEHA's online Bookstore provides you with a complete selection of relevant and peer-recommended resources. The user-friendly Bookstore has been organized in such a way that allows you to find the books you need in a faster and smarter fashion. Book covers, expanded descriptions, and table of contents are provided to help you determine if a book fits your needs. Other tools, such as an easy-to-use search feature, bestsellers list, featured items, and what's new information, have been added as well.

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NEHA is your source for all environmental health related books and the Bookstore makes it easy for you to find what you need to stay current in the environmental health field.

Featured Items

Online HACCP Courses AvailableOnline HACCP Courses Available
From NEHA Food Safety Training

NEHA Food Safety Training offers five different online HACCP courses that provide your organization with a clear understanding of the necessary steps for writing and voluntarily implementing a food safety management system. The following HACCP courses are available:

New!HACCP for Food Handlers

HACCP: Managing Food Safety Hazards at the Retail Level

HACCP Basics for Processors and Manufactures

HACCP Basics for the Bottled Water Industry

HACCP Basics for the Fresh and Fresh-Cut Produce Industries

Children's Environmental Health

Children's Environmental Health

NEHA offers several different titles that cover children's environmental health. Child Health and the Environment focuses on environmental threats to child health and provides an overview of key children's environmental health issues, addressed the health effects of different environmental contaminants, and summarized associations between environmental exposures and child health outcomes. Visit the Children's Environmental Health section for this and other titles.

Valuable Resources at Discount Prices
Valuable Resources at Discount Prices

NEHA is offering clearance pricing on over 100 different books covering many areas of environmental health, such as epidemiology, food safety, occupational health, sustainability, toxicology, workforce development, and air and water quality. Check out the Clearance Section to peruse all titles. Limited quantities of these books are available—don't wait to explore what NEHA has to offer for sale!
What's New

Designing Healthy CommunitiesDesigning Healthy Communities

This book highlights how we design the built environment and its potential for addressing and preventing many of the nation's devastating childhood and adult health concerns. The author looks at the root causes of our malaise and highlights healthy community designs achieved by planners, designers, and community leaders working together.

Installation of Wastewater Treatment SystemsInstallation of Wastewater
Treatment Systems

This manual is the definitive source for information on installing decentralized wastewater treatment systems. Developed by a team of experts, this manual provides installers with training materials geared specifically to address installation—one of the many vital aspects of programs for managing decentralized wastewater treatment systems. Installers, regulators, and designers of onsite wastewater treatment systems will gain a better understanding of the activities related to proper installation and startup to maximize system efficiency, longevity, and performance. This manual is a recommended study reference for NEHA's Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS) credential.

New Edition–Environmental HealthNew Edition–Environmental Health

Dramatic changes in the field of environmental health demanded a new, radically updated version of this essential textbook. It offers readers a complete by manageable introduction to the complex nature of the environment, how humans interact with it, and the mutual impact between people and the environments where they work or live. This textbook is an indispensable resource for practitioners, students, and anyone considering a career in public health.


Questions about the online Bookstore? Please contact Kristen Ruby at 303-756-9090, ext. 341. 



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