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Wilton Robinson Earle (1902 –1964) was an American cell biologist known for his research in cell culture techniques and carcinogenesis. From his laboratory came such developments as quantitative methods for analyzing tissue culture, the first testtube culture of tissue grown from a single cell, chemically defined media for growing cells on glass surfaces, and an instrument for making motion pictures of cells in culture. Dr. Earle's work found many, applications in medical research, particularly that into the nature of cancer. He was a pioneer in showing that cells could become cancerous outside the body.

The Wilton R. Earle Fund Contribution supports the Wilton R. Earle Award which is open to students working in all areas of in vitro biology to attend the SIVB Annual Meeting. An estimate of travel expenses must be submitted with the abstract. Students are evaluated on the basis of experimental design, clarity of presentation, and validity of interpretation.

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