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50th Anniversary Plate - Mike Gesiakowski
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Artist: Mike Gesiakowski

Mike Gesiakowski is currently a MFA candidate in ceramics at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He received a BFA in Design from Northern Illinois University in 1998. His work investigates the processes of material degradation and decay. Originally from Chicago, Mike had grown up on the city’s south side and it is from that urban and heavily industrialized environment that he draws inspiration for his work.

I am interested in investigating the process of material degradation. I am drawn to corroded and weatherworn objects and the work I create is a reflection of my observations. I take cues from aged buildings and structures, tools and machinery. Dilapidated architecture, sun damaged signs and components left to the elements provide the surfaces I look to emulate. I try to capture the enigmatic beauty and the unperceived intricacy of this ongoing process.

My work carries narratives of the human condition. The broken down forms and degraded surfaces are metaphors to describe both our fragility and our resilience. References concerning belief systems, either those of an individual, a culture or a society, can also be found throughout my work.

Description of Plate:

Sandwich Plate,2014, 7” x 7” x 1”, black stoneware, reduction, salt fired.

Price: $55

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