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50th Anniversay Plate Bernadette Curran
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Artist: Bernadette Curran

Bernadette Curran is a studio potter in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. She teaches clay and drawing in her community and conducts workshops, most recently at the Archie Bray Foundation and Haystack. She was awarded fellowships from Baltimore Clayworks, Chester Springs Studio, and the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. Bernadette earned a BFA from Pennsylvania State University and an MFA from the Ohio State University. Her work is exhibited widely in the US and is included in publications such as Contemporary Ceramics (Thames and Hudson), 500 Cups (Lark Books), Studio Potter, Ceramics Monthly, and Clay Times.

I describe my pots as clay sketches; improvised and spontaneous, graced with serendipitous glaze drips and thumb marks, revealing animals whose oddities are so slight that one may question their identity. Thrown fresh off the wheel, the clay is playfully modeled, utilizing the volume and plasticity of the form to give life and function to my pots. Sometimes the animal has been drawn to make and made to draw- the sum of which remains vaguely superimposed. Ideas flow when the brush, full of slip, is in my hand. I embrace images that are sweet and sentimental, which quietly teach us the virtue of patience and application. When making my pots, I try to emulate these qualities replete with compassion, humor, and risk. As food brings fullness and conversation among participants, I trust my work to do the same.

Description of Plate:
Rat plate, cone 6 porcelain, thrown and altered, electric fired. 1” h, 8.75” w, 8.75”d, 2013.

Price: $125

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