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Handouts: 2017 Houston Chapter Program
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Handouts for the EBA Houston Chapter Program:Texas Gas Exports to Mexico: The Markets, the Pipelines, and the Law.

Program Overview:

U.S. natural-gas companies have ramped up exports to Mexico and exports should continue to grow substantially, thanks to market forces, to certain aspects of Mexico’s multi-sector energy reform, and to U.S. natural gas-abundance. Exports go through pipelines across the U.S.-Mexico border at various spots in Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona, with Texas holding the most crossing points. Exports face many issues and opportunities, including the relative pace of Mexican changes in power generation infrastructure, the state of Mexican gas supplies, the current and future state of pipeline capacity in both countries, and the various legal and political factors governing gas flow at the border. This panel will attempt to touch on all of these issues and explore the related opportunities.