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Recording: 2019 Energizer - Getting to Know FERC
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2019 Getting to Know FERC


Program Overview:

A broad and practical education program that will feature agency staffers providing insight into working effectively with FERC’s various offices and as to the various matters under the Commission’s jurisdiction.  Topics will range from improving an understanding of filings under sections 203, 205, and 206 of the Federal Power Act to learning best practices for interacting with the agency’s Office of Enforcement.



1:00 pm Registration

1:15 pm Welcome and Introductions

1:30 pm Ex Parte Rules

Discuss what is a prohibited off-the-record communication between a FERC employee or official and members of the public, and how to avoid such communications.
Speaker: Charles Beamon, Designated Agency Ethics Official and Associate General Counsel, General and Administrative Law
1:50: Meetings with the Commission and Staff
Discover what staff and the Commissioners find helpful in meetings with the energy industry, and what may be counter-productive.
Mindi Sauter
, Legal Advisor to Chairman Chatterjee
Lawrence Greenfield, Associate General Counsel, Energy Markets-1, Office of the General Counsel
2:10: Energy Regulation 
  • Office of Energy Policy and Innovation 
Understand OEPI’s role in the Commission’s policy-making; gain an understanding of the Commission’s rulemaking process. 
Speaker: Eric Ciccoretti, Attorney-Advisor, Office of Energy Policy and Innovation
  • Office of Energy Market Regulation 
Develop an understanding of the organizational structure of the Office of Energy Market Regulation (OEMR) and the work accomplished by each division within the office, including special programs involving PURPA and NERC.

Improve knowledge of filings submitted pursuant to sections 203, 205 and 206 of the Federal Power Act, including the requirements for such filings. Learn about best practices when submitting filings to the Commission and interacting with advisory staff.

Female_ Amery_Pore Julie_Graf
Speakers Bios:
Natalie Tingle-Stewart
, Deputy Director, Division of Electric Power Regulation – Central, OEMR
Amery Pore,  Supervisory Energy Industry Analyst, Division of Electric Power Regulation – West, OEMR;
Julie Graf, Supervisory Energy Industry Analyst, Division of Electric Power Regulation – Central, OEMR

3:00: Energy Projects 

Understand the scope of the Office of Energy Project’s (OEP) review, approval, and oversight of hydroelectric and natural gas pipeline energy projects and OGC-EP’s role in supporting OEP.  Learn best practices for engaging with Commission staff at the different stages of a natural gas infrastructure and hydroelectric project proceeding including pre-filing, pendency of the application, project construction, and for hydroelectric projects during the life of the license.

Speaker: Karin Larson, Managing Attorney, OGC-Energy Projects (OGC-EP)
3:30: Break
4:00 Office of Enforcement 
Provide an overview of interactions with FERC’s Office of Enforcement/best practices including Self-report, inquiry and investigation.  Discuss common misconceptions about FERC’s Office of Enforcement; discuss compliance requirements and characteristics of an effective compliance plan.
Speaker: Geof Hobday, Director, Division of Investigations
4:30: Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ)
Discover who make up OALJ and what the office’s responsibilities include; learn about the newest iteration of electronic hearings and new rules of general applicability.  Understand good practices before ALJs including at settlement proceedings.
5:00: Office of Administrative Litigation
Discuss the orientation and approach of Commission Trial Staff to dispute resolution and thoughts about effective ways to work with Trial Staff to efficiently achieve settlements.

Speaker: John Kroeger, Acting Director, Office of Administrative Litigation