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Recording: 2019 Drafting and Negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement​: A Skills Session
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Energy Bar Association’s 2019 Mid-Year Energy Forum! The event provided two full days of discussions focused on the legal issues related to all aspects of energy law.

Concurrent Session: Drafting and Negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement: A Skills Session

October 16, 2019, 11:00 - 12:15 AM

This concurrent session will feature a three-part approach to training lawyers how to negotiate a power purchase agreement (PPA).  During the first twenty minutes of the session, an experienced practitioner will layout PPA fundamentals, including a review of definitions and key PPA terms.  This will include an overview of fundamental motivations behind the PPA instrument, such as the customer’s ability to avoid capital commitments and the developers ability to qualify for preferred tax treatment.  

Second, an experienced practitioner will reveal the most current trends in PPAs by introducing and explaining the most hotly negotiated PPA terms. 

The last forty minutes of the session will be reserved for a practicum involving a sample PPA and audience participation.  Participants will be given a few moments to review the agreement and identify the key terms in response to a questionnaire.  The panelists will answer the questions raised in the exercise through a mock negotiation of key provisions and a short question and answer session.

Eric Hurlocker, Managing Member, GreeneHurlocker
Florence Davis, Partner, Day Pitney   
Holly Rachel Smith, Walmart Energy Team