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Recording: 2020 Webinar - Creating successful public-private partnerships for solar energy
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2020 Webinar - Creating Successful Public-Private Partnerships for Solar Energy


The Butter Solar Project is a case study of a successful public-private partnership involving a renewable energy developer (OneEnergy Renewables); a municipal electric company as off-taker (the Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group); and a project catalyst with an appetite for renewable energy credits and ambitious carbon reduction goals (Organic Valley, the nation’s largest farmer-owned organic cooperative).  The result is a 22 MW solar energy project comprised of 10 separate solar installations interconnected behind the meter in municipal electric systems located throughout western Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.  This panel presentation will describe all aspects of the deal from representatives of all three players.

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  • What kinds of opportunities are there for successful public private partnerships around DG projects and how can you ensure their success?
  • What are the regulatory obstacles for behind the meter solar installations?
  • How can renewable attributes bring additional value to a DG project?
  • What benefits do municipal off-takers see in doing behind the meter DG projects?


Heinenmann,_Richard Minnick,_Stanley Udelhofen,_Eric

Richard A. Heinemann, Partner, Boardman & Clark
Stanley Minnick, Energy Services Manager, Organic Valley
Eric Udelhofen, Director of Project Development, OneEnergy