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Recording: 2019 The Disruptive Dynamics of Distributed Energy Resources
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Energy Bar Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting & Conference! The event provided two full days of discussions focused on the legal issues related to all aspects of energy law.

Session A:  The Disruptive Dynamics of Distributed Energy Resources

Monday, May 6 2019 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

All indications are that we are moving to a system of more distributed energy resources (DERs). Development of home and community solar panels, microgrids, electric vehicles, and small-scale energy storage is rising. But what does this mean? How will system and utility planning need to change? What are the operational impacts and risks? How might regulators, costs and rates adjust? How quickly will investments shift, and will it differ by region? This session will highlight the complexity of orchestrating this shift to DERs, the need to anticipate that transition, and the means to manage it, without system disruption or undue costs. 

Moderator:  Greg Geller, Senior Director. Regulatory and Government Affairs, Enel X 


Gregg Dixon, CEO, Voltus
Abigail Anthony, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission
Lamar  Davis, VP, MISO 
Wendy Stark, SVP, Legal and Regulatory Strategy & General Counsel, Pepco Holdings