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Recording: 2018 Annual Meeting Day 2 - When Worlds Collide
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Energy Bar Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting & Conference! The event provided two full days of discussions focused on the legal issues related to all aspects of energy law.

When Worlds Collide: Structured Products and Financial Transactions in Today's Energy Markets - Tuesday, May 8, 2018 11:00am Session B

How are companies implementing hedging strategies and structured energy products to manage risk and position themselves competitively in the market, in the context of increasing regulations?  Learn from our experienced panelists, representing a broad range of perspectives across energy companies and energy products.   We will discuss considerations when choosing documentation, including advantages and disadvantages to using market standard agreements such as the EEI Agreement and NAESB Agreements, in contrast to the ISDA Agreement with Product Annexes.   The panelists will highlight the features of customary financial transaction structures, including physical and financial hedging products, and structured transactions that include an embedded financing, such as prepaid forward and swap transactions, and intermediation arrangements.  The panelists will share their views on strategies to implement effective compliance and risk oversight policies, and the challenges associated with oversight of these more complex structured financial transactions in the current regulatory environment.