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Recording: 2018 Annual Meeting Day 1 - FERC Enforcement
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Energy Bar Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting & Conference! The event provided two full days of discussions focused on the legal issues related to all aspects of energy law.

FERC Enforcement 2018 and Beyond: Update, Analysis and Perspectives - Monday, May 7, 2018 3:45pm Session B

With a newly-constituted Commission, court decisions on federal district court procedures in civil penalty assessment actions, and years since the Commission has issued an Enforcement policy statement, will (and should) FERC make changes to its Enforcement process?  If so, what kinds of things may change and what does it mean?

What, if any, impact will the current administration’s regulatory reform initiatives have on the Enforcement program?  Are there implications for how the agency thinks about its anti-market manipulation authority?

Aside from cases of alleged market manipulation, what sorts of issues should market participants and counsel have on their radar screens?  And are there types of technical violations that might be better handled through processes that do not involve a full-blown enforcement investigation?