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Couplehood As A Spiritual Path FACILITATOR KIT (Jewish)
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If you are a rabbi, therapist, educator, or a layperson who is interested in bringing this 6-session program to your synagogue, home, or community center, you will need to purchase a Facilitator Kit (which includes a Facilitator Guide, a Participant Manual and a DVD).

The Facilitator Guide includes step by step instructions to facilitate couples groups through six 1½ hour sessions (with optional introduction and celebration sessions). Each session focuses on lecture, DVD discussion and demonstration, Group Discovery, and practice.

This kit includes:

•104-page Facilitator Guide with complete instructions for planning and facilitating six 1½-hour group sessions

•152-page Participant Manual

•DVD containing six 10-15 minute learning sessions with Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt, specialists and couples

Also includes an introduction.