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Merchandise Details
Body Art: A Comprehensive Guidebook and Model Code
Member Price$50.00
Non-Member Price$50.00
Merchandise Description
NEHA (1999)

Body Art: A Comprehensive Guidebook and Model Code
offers a rare look into the world of tattooing, body piercing, scarification, and branding. This color-illustrated reference not only provides the reader with a comprehensive, consistent, reasonable, public health-oriented model code and guidelines—it also provides detailed definitions of different types of body art; forms used by professionals and regulators in the industry; and personal stories from people who have had tattoo, body piercing, branding, and scarification experiences.

Body Art: A Comprehensive Guidebook and Model Code contains the following information:
  • universal pre-cautions and guidelines;
  • examples of inspection guidelines;
  • examples of official inspection reports;
  • examples of permit applications;
  • sample resolutions;
  • examples of disclosure statements;
  • examples of consent forms; 
  • articles from magazines;
  • a list of reference articles on body art;
  • a test of your body art code knowledge;
  • examples of client aftercare instructions; and
  • body art organization letters of support.
The model code that is presented in this publication was developed by a committee of knowledgeable environmental health professionals throughout the United States and has been endorsed by The Alliance for Professional Tattooists, The Association of Professional Piercers, and The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

You can purchase the model code by itself as the
NEHA Body Art Model Code and Guidelines.
351 pages, paperback.

Table of Contents

Section I: Foreword

Section II: Body Art Model Code
Introduction to Body Art Model Code
Basic Tenets and Provisions of the NEHA Body Art Model Code
Body Art Operator/Technician Requirements and Professional Standards
Public Notification Requirements
Client Records
Records Retention
Preparation and Care of the Body Art Area
Sanitation and Sterilization Procedures
Requirements for Single Use Items
Permit Requirements
Temporary Demonstration Permit Requirements
Mobile Body Art Establishment Requirements
Suspension and Revocation of Permits
Department Personnel Competency Requirements
Interpretation and Severability
Section 3: Guidebook
Introduction to Guidebook
Body Art
Personal Stories of Body Art
One Health Department’s Experience
Volusia County Body Art Code
Sample Resolutions
Florida Environmental Health Association Resolution
Draft of Agreement for Administration of City of Port Orange Body Art Code
Ordinance 98 from the City of Port Orange
Interlocal Agreement for Administration and Enforcement of the VCHD Body Art Code within the City of Daytona Beach
State of Ohio
Sample Forms
Sample Applications for Permits
Sample Public Notice Forms
Sample Inspection Forms
Sample Consent Forms
Sample Aftercare Forms
Test Your Body Art Code Knowledge
Letters of Support
Alliance of Professional Tattooists
Association of Piercing Professionals
Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
American Body Art Association
University of Minnesota
Reference Articles

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