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Merchandise Details
Installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems
Member Price$68.00
Non-Member Price$79.00
Merchandise Description

Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (2009)

This manual is the definitive source for information on installing decentralized wastewater treatment systems. Developed by a team of experts, this manual provides installers with training materials geared specifically to address installation—one of the many vital aspects of programs for managing decentralized wastewater treatment systems. Installers, regulators, and designers of onsite wastewater treatment systems will gain a better understanding of the activities related to proper installation and startup to maximize system efficiency, longevity, and performance. This manual is a recommended study reference for NEHA’s Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS) credential.

454 pages, spiral-bound paperback.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview

Onsite wastewater treatment systems
Key members of the onsite wastewater treatment system management team
The professional installer
Functioning as a professional installer
Significance of proper installation
Use of the installer training program by the onsite wastewater treatment system industry
Overall system evaluation

Chapter 2. Business Models and Industry Integrity

Business models
Industry integrity

Chapter 3. Safety

Federal and state OSHA standards
First aid and emergency response
Personal protection
General site issues
Electrical hazards
Transporting equipment and materials
Equipment-specific issues
Excavation and trench safety
Confined space and hazardous atmospheres
Materials hazards
Ground surface spill response
Additional hazards
Summary and conclusions

Chapter 4. Soil and Site Concepts for Installers

What is soil and why is it important?
Important soil properties
Significant site conditions
Soil and site description summary
Water movement and soil treatment
Loading rates
Sediment and erosion control, stormwater and surface water management

Chapter 5. Construction Materials and Techniques

Equipment considerations for installer
Material selection issues
Techniques for installing a soil treatment area under different site conditions
Procedures for system abandonment

Chapter 6. Planning

Initial design/plan review
Site review
Owner interview during plan and site review
Components of a bid
Installation planning: Construction planning and staging, job scheduling, and job staging
Final inspection plan

Chapter 7. Distribution

Distribution and the infiltrative surface
Loading rates
Effluent delivery over time and space
Appropriate use of gravity and pressure distribution according to site limitations
Typical system configurations for gravity distribution
Installation of components for gravity distribution
Typical system configurations for pressure distribution
Installation of components for pressure distribution
Access for management
Protecting soil properties
Chapter 8. Watertight Piping and Tanks
Watertight piping for wastewater conveyance
Focus on PVC piping
Installation of piping systems
Piping installation checklist
Tanks overview
Tank installation steps
Tank startup

Chapter 9. Installation of Dosing Systems and Controls

Overview Pumps
Pump selection
Pump discharge assembly
Dosing regimes
Chapter 10. Advanced Treatment
Media filters
Aerobic treatment units
Constructed wetlands
Ultraviolet light

Chapter 11. Soil Treatment Areas

Below- and above-grade
Evapotranspiration (ET) beds
Drip field
Spray field


Appendix A: Tables and Figures

Pipe specifications
Friction loss
Pipe volume
Flow rate

Appendix B. Math Overview
Math review
Relevant terms
Basic calculations
Calculating recirculation rations at system startup

Appendix C. Volume Calculations

Media/Soil volume calculations

Appendix D. Slope Intersection Calculations

Appendix E. Introduction to Surveying

Leveling basics
Bench mark transfer
Turning Points
Elevations/invert transfers

Appendix F. Tank Buoyancy

Appendix G. Watertightness Testing

Appendix H. Installer Glossary

Appendix I. Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Malfunction




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