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Essential Epidemiology: Principles and Applications
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William A. Oleckno (2002)

This comprehensive, user-friendly, and academically sound textbook covers the basic principles and methods of epidemiology in such a way that will appeal to a broad range of undergraduate and graduate students in the health professions. Beyond its clear, concise writing, Essential Epidemiology offers unique pedagogic aids, such as an algorithm to help students identify epidemiologic study designs, a discussion of problems students typically encounter in calculating and interpreting incidence rates, and annotated step-by-step solutions to numerical problems. In addition, the text introduces topics sometimes ignored in other texts, such as hybrid studies, the controversy surrounding the use of hypothesis testing versus confidence intervals, and the differences between rate and risk measurements. Study reference for NEHA's REHS/RS exam.
368 pages, paperback.

Table of Contents

1. Scope and Significance of Epidemiology

Importance of Epidemiology to Public Health
Some Applications of Epidemiology
Definition of Epidemiology
2. Evolution of Epidemiology
Origins of Epidemiology
Early Pioneers of Epidemiology
3. Selected Disease Concepts in Epidemiology
Concepts of Disease and Health
Natural History of Disease
Levels of Prevention
Immunity to Disease
4. An Overview of Epidemiologic Study Designs
Categories of Epidemiologic Studies
Descriptive Studies
Analytic Studies
Experimental Studies
Identifying Epidemiologic Study Designs
5. Common Measures of Morbidity and Mortality
Measures of Incidence
Measures of Prevalence
Relationship between Incidence and Prevalence
General Health and Population Indices
Other Measures of Morbidity and Mortality
Confidence Intervals for Rates
6. Comparing Rates in Epidemiology
Crude and Specific Rates
Adjusted Rates
Age Adjustment
Measures of Association
Tests of Statistical Significance
7. Association and Causation
Types of Association
Criteria for Assessing Causation
Types of Causes
Causes of Death
8. Assessing the Accuracy of Epidemiologic Studies
The Meaning of Accuracy
9. Screening for Disease Detection
Types of Screening
Accuracy of Screening Tests
To Screen or Not to Screen
Evaluating the Efficacy of Screening
10. Analytic Ecological and Cross-Sectional Studies
Analytic Ecological Studies
Analytic Cross-Sectional Studies
11. Case-Control Studies
Design Considerations in Case-Control Studies
Analysis and Interpretation of Case-Control Studies
12. Prospective and Retrospective Cohort Studies
Advantages and Disadvantages of Cohort Studies
Selecting the Cohort
Determining Exposure Status
Determining Outcome Status
Analysis of Cohort Studies
Analysis Based on Cumulative Incidence Rates
Analysis Based on Person-Time Incidence Rates
13. Experimental Studies in Epidemiology
Randomized Controlled Trials
Variations in the Design of RCTs
Major Strengths and Weaknesses of RCTs
Analysis of RCTs
Community Trials
Major Strengths and Weaknesses of Community Trials
Analysis of Community Trials
14. Applications of Epidemiology: Disease Outbreaks, Disease Clusters, and Public Health Surveillance
Purpose of Investigating Disease Outbreaks
Framework for Investigating Disease Outbreaks
Epidemic Curves and Types of Outbreaks
Testing Hypotheses Using Analytical Studies
Disease Clusters
Public Health Surveillance


Appendix A: Table of Formulas
Appendix B: A Brief Introduction to Epi Info
Appendix C: Summary of Surveys and Data Systems from the National Center for Health Statistics
Appendix D: Resources in Epidemiology
Appendix E: Selected Answers to Chapter Study Questions and Exercises


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