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Certified Professional-Food Safety (CP-FS) Manual (Third Edition)
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NEW! NEHA is proud to offer the Certified Professional – Food Safety (CP-FS) Manual — developed by industry professionals to help prepare candidates for NEHA’s CP-FS credential exam.

National Environmental Health Association (2014)

A CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL IN FOOD SAFETY (CP-FS) is an individual who possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure safe food in any retail environment—as a quality assurance or quality control manager, a facility manager, a food-safe chemical supplier, or as a regulatory inspector/investigator. The CP-FS is able to conduct facility plan reviews, to evaluate hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) plans or other risk-based food safety programs, to understand the causes and prevention of foodborne illnesses, and to analyze and implement sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs) for safety and effectiveness.

The CP-FS credential is well respected throughout the industry, and is highly valued by employers when hiring food safety professionals. The Certifi ed Professional–Food Safety manual has been developed by experts from across the various food safety disciplines to help candidates prepare for the CP-FS credential examination. This book contains science-based, in-depth information about:

• Causes and prevention of foodborne illness

• HACCP plans and active managerial control

• Cleaning and sanitizing

• Conducting facility plan reviews

• Pest control

• Risk-based inspections

• Sampling food for laboratory analysis

• Food defense

• Responding to food emergencies and foodborne illness outbreaks

• Legal aspects of food safety



358 pages, spiral-bound paperback.

Table of Contents


Causes and Prevention of Foodborne Illness

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plans

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Facility and Plan Review

Pest Control


Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

Sampling Food for Laboratory Analysis

Food Defense

Responding to Food Emergencies

Legal Aspects of Food Safety

Appendix A: pH Values of Selected Foods

Appendix B: Foodborne Illness–Causing Agents in the U.S.

Appendix C: Food Facility Design Checklist

Appendix D: Factors Influencing Microbial Growth

Appendix E: Analysis of Microbial Hazards in TCS Foods

Appendix F: Calibrating a Thermometer

Proper Hand Washing Technique

CP-FS Review Quiz

Recommended Reading


CP-FS Bibliography


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