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Merchandise Details
Public Health Business Planning: A Practical Guide
Sorry for the inconvenience, this product is no longer available.

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Merchandise Description

Stephen N. Orton, Anne J. Menkens, and Pamela Santos (2009)

In today’s turbulent and financially stressful times, public health managers need business planning skills. They need to become “civic entrepreneurs,” who can creatively finance and manage needed programs using practical business school savvy.

Based upon the curriculum of the highly successful Management Academy for Public Healthy offered by the Kenan-Flagler Business School and the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Public Health Business Planning offers practical, step-by-step guidance for creating business plans that address the unique challenges of public health programs. The chapters thoroughly cover each part of a business plan (marketing, operations, budgeting, etc.) in a user-friendly style that is appealing to students and practicing public health managers alike.


  • focuses on the unique features of public health business plans for both governmental and non-profit organizations;
  • includes sections on how to define a plan, how to build strong partnerships, how to build evaluation into a plan, how to plan for risk and sustainability, and how to write a feasibility plan; and
  • illustrates key topics with examples from the hundreds of actual business plans written by the teams of practicing public health managers who have completed the Management Academy program.
147 pages, spiral-bound paperback.

Table of Contents
About the Authors
Using This Book

Chapter 1 Introduction
Why a Business Planning Book
Who Should Read This Book?
Why Business Planning?
Why Now?
What Is a Public Health Business Plan?
What Can You Expect from Public Health Business Planning?
Trust the Process
How Do We Know What Works—Or Doesn’t?
What We’re Not Doing in This Book
Chapter 2 Defining Public Health Entrepreneurial Business Planning
The Civic Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs Find Out What’s Needed
Entrepreneurs Brainstorm
Entrepreneurs Analyze
Entrepreneurs Build Teams
Entrepreneurs Are Hardworking and Flexible
Entrepreneurs Find the Money
Entrepreneurs Start It Up
Entrepreneurs Keep It Going
Entrepreneurs Keep Tabs
Entrepreneurs Get It Down on Paper
Chapter 3 The Parts of a Public Health Business Plan
Business Plan Outline
Executive Summary
Definition of Plan
Industry Analysis
Demonstration of Need and Target Market
Marketing Strategy
Project Operations and Management
Implementation Plan and Timeline
Risks and Exit Plan
Briefly, On Style
Chapter 4 Definition of Plan
Clarity and Specificity
What Goes into the Definition of Plan?
Organizing the Definition of Plan Section
What Can Go Wrong?
Building Your Definition of Plan
Chapter 5 Industry Analysis
Looking at the Big Picture
Key Industry Success Factors
How to Conduct Industry Analysis
What Can Go Wrong?
Building Your Industry Analysis Section
Chapter 6 Demonstration of Need and Target Market
Business Planning versus Strategic Planning
Using Assessment for Business Planning
Using the Data
The Environment
What Can Go Wrong?
What to Do with It All
Building Your Demonstration of Need and Target Market Section(s)
Chapter 7 Competitors and Partners
What Does “Competition” Mean in Public Health
Competitors Can Become Partners
Barriers to Entry
Identifying Competitors and Partners
Thinking Strategically About Partners
Why Partnerships Matter
What Can Go Wrong?
Building Your Partners/Competitors Section
Chapter 8 Marketing
Why a Marketing Section?
The Four P’s
How Will You Reach Your Customers?
Selling Ideas with Social Marketing
Focusing Your Message
Social Marketing and the Four P’s
Know Your Competition
Other Ways to Understand Behavior Change
What Can Go Wrong?
Building Your Marketing Section
Chapter 9 Project Operations
General Organizational Overview
Human Resources
HR and Organizational Culture
Daily Operations
Partner Roles and Logistics
Implementation Plan and Timeline
Evaluation and Quality Improvement
What Can Go Wrong?
Plan to Continue Planning
Building Your Operation Section
Chapter 10 Evaluation
Why Evaluate?
A Word About Outcomes
Getting Professional Evaluation Assistance
What Can Go Wrong?
Building an Evaluation Plan
Chapter 11 Risks, Exit Plan, and Sustainability
Planning for the Accidental Exit
Specific Risks to Consider
Planning the Intentional Exit
Playing to your Strengths
What This Means
What Can Go Wrong?
Plan to Keep on Planning
Building Your Risks and Exit Plan Section
Chapter 12 Financial Planning
Financial Sustainability
Revenue Generation
Revenue versus Profit
Financial Assumptions
Operations Budget
In-kind Donations
Start-up Financing
Break-even Analysis
What Can Go Wrong?
Do It Anyway
Building Your Financial Section
Chapter 13 The Feasibility Plan
Who I the Feasibility Plan For?
What Can Go Wrong?
What Next?
Chapter 14 Sustaining Success in South Carolina: One Team’s Experience
The Definition of Plan
Industry Analysis
Target Market
Marketing Strategy
Project Operations and Management
Implementation Plan and Timeline
Risks and Exit Plan
Implementing the Plan
Chapter 15 Creating Your Public Health Business Plan
The Value of “Failure”
What Can Go Right in Public Health Business Planning?
It’s Your Turn

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